Full Throttle Clinics

Skating and Total Skills
Full Throttle Skating

Skating is the most important skill for a hockey player and 90% of the game. If you can’t skate, you can’t score!

This program is guaranteed to improve your skating ability and elevate your game the next level. The program is centered around the KNPS curriculum utilizing our patented wheel teaching system.

Get ready to get on the edge and fly!!

kurt nichols power skating

At Kurt Nichols Power Skating, our adaptive curriculum uses pyramid based skill progression, which reinforces and repeats as we learn. Basic skills and fundamentals create a baseline for our skaters.


Our one-of-a-kind drills build on that while teaching you to apply your skills in game. This creates an advanced efficient technique that gives our students more power AND more endurance. We then repeat and reinforce with similar drills until all skills are mastered and it is second nature.

Total Skills

The ultimate warrior classes!  Prepare to exit your comfort zone as we drill the fundamentals and challenge your skating skills. 

kurt nichols power skating

The primary focus is on using edges to leverage explosive power, applying skating skills in game situations, and finally pushing up and polishing every player. 

The secondary focus will be on stick handling, passing/shooting, and puck control.

This class will not only prepare you to better play the game, but you will come away a warrior.  Get ready to train at a higher level!


Some hockey experience. Can skate forward and backward. Typically, Mini Mites, Mites and older players new to hockey.

Players should have some understanding of edges, stationary KNPS Hockey Position and some backward skating. If you cannot do backward crossovers, this is your level. It could range from Mites to Bantams. This level will introduce players to the KNPS Teaching Wheel.

Players with a good understanding of forward and backward crossovers while maintaining KNPS hockey position. Strong knowledge of Edges and Edge Application. Typically, AA Squirts and Pee Wee’s start at this level. Proficient in Stopping both left and right side.

Players are expected to have smooth Forward and Backward Crossovers (no hopping or jumping). Forward stride, stops and starts. Basic understanding of simple turns and transitions. Players must be able to perform all skills on the KNPS teaching wheel in Hockey Position. Generally, these are players playing at the AA/AAA level.

Demonstration and understanding of all skills on the KNPS teaching wheel at FULL SPEED. Thorough understanding of body mechanics and Edge Application. This level focuses more on polishing skills vs learning. Typically, but not necessarily these are players competing at the AAA level.

Graduates of the advanced classes, High School and Midgets players ranging through D1 and D3 Collegiate players.

Professional Hockey Players looking to refine and polish their skills.