Frequently Asked Questions

Off ice training is an essential part to any athlete’s development. Our program puts each player through a range of motions and body movements that they might expect when skating. It has been proven to shorten the amount of time required to learn proper skating technique. Players will also see improvement in: balance, agility, explosive power, strength, speed and body awareness. Games and team building exercises are incorporated.

Unfortunately no. Due to time and space constraints we cannot always offer ice training.

The KNPS Report Card is a great way to see where you stand skill wise. We use this as a tool to help us track your development. Simply put, it is a comprehensive skating evaluation, considering but not limited to: Stance, Edges, Stride, Backward Stride, Forward and Backward Crossovers, The First 3 Steps, Transitions, mental toughness etc.

Each report card is completely by Kurt using hours of video of each player. Each Report Card has specific corrections and tips to help that player succeed. Ask to see one!

We are a small company. You’re not a number. You are player with individual needs. Our success depends on your success as a hockey player.

Our program was founded and created by Kurt Nichols, a competitive figure skater who also enjoyed hockey in his youth. The program follows a specific learning curriculum geared toward getting you up to speed, fast! Kurt has experience working with players ranging from beginners through professional hockey players.

Please see our refund policy/cancellation policy.

Please see our refund policy/cancellation policy.

Yes. Please email to request availability.

Yes. Please email for inquiries.

Neck guard, elbow pads, hockey stick, shoulder pads, hockey pants, hockey gloves, garter belt, mouth guard, hockey socks, shin guards, helmet with full face mask, hockey tape, hockey skates, pelvic protector (girls), athletic supporter and cup (boys), water bottle