Train like the pros

Our unique, hands-on approach focuses on increased speed, better transitions, edge power, and superior balance. We'll help any hockey player come away stronger, faster, and more prepared to play.
To reach your greatest potential in hockey, you must know the basics.

Our unique, hands-on approach focuses on increased speed, better transitions, edge power, and superior balance. We’ll help any hockey player come away stronger, faster and more prepared to play.

First we tell you, then we show you...

And then we make you do it until you get it right. We guarantee your improvement.


KNPS hosts clinics, summer camps, and holiday sessions.

Online classes offer the same technique refinement and feedback as our clinics.

KNPS can join team practices for team coaching.

Private lessons are available (please email for availability)


Chase Priskie - Washington Capitals

"During our first session, I was humbled quickly by the edgework drills that I was being put through. From that point on, we started to work together on a weekly basis throughout the summer.

As a player that has been up and down between the NHL and AHL, I constantly look for any advantage to try and help me stick in the NHL full time.

I believe working with Kurt is the advantage that I have been looking for."


Kurt understands what the top level NHL skaters are doing in regards to their skating styles and abilities.

He really provides the drills, instruction, and structure for your son or daughter to improve and ultimately become a better skater and hockey player.

Connor Jones (New York Islanders)

After several sessions, my stride has become more efficient and powerful, enabling me to explode off the wall or out of corners with ease during games.

If you're looking to advance your skills, it is an absolute must to get on the ice with Kurt.

Janka Hlinka (Slovak Women's National Team, Connecticut Whale #27, PHF)

My kids have done other hockey camps, but Kurt’s clinics and privates are the only time they come home and make notes. 

They can’t wait to work with Kurt again and tell me, 'skating makes sense when Coach Nichols teaches'.

Since working with Kurt, I’ve noticed my kids trying to correct their bad habits and skate more efficiently.

David Mullin (AAA Parent, Toronto Canada)

Kurt is a game changer, and I can't stress that enough. I've seen it over and over again.

If coaches could be ranked according to efficiency, he would be at the top.

Katherine Issel (US National Team, Team Texas Coach)

Kurt is the best skating coach you can find. He scrutinizes every aspect of their technique and offers specific guidance.

He breaks down each movement into small incremental steps, and very clearly communicates these bite-size skating goals. He is patient, but maintains high expectations of every skater. 

If you have a hockey player who is motivated to become a better skater or a great skater, Kurt is the ideal skating coach for you.

Catherine Doyle (Mom of 2 Elite/AAA players)