Kurt Nichols Power Skating Curriculum

Learn how our custom curriculum can give you the edge you've been looking for.
Pyramid Based Skill Progression

At Kurt Nichols Power Skating, our adaptive curriculum uses pyramid based skill progression, which reinforces and repeats as we learn. Basic skills and fundamentals create a baseline for our skaters.

One-of-a-kind Drills

Our one-of-a-kind drills build on that while teaching you to apply your skills in game. This creates an advanced efficient technique that gives our students more power AND more endurance. We then repeat and reinforce with similar drills until all skills are mastered and it is second nature.

High-Level maneuvers

Cap it all off with our unique high level maneuvers for elite skaters and the KNPS program is second to none in creating the best hockey skaters.

The KNPS Teaching WHeel

All Kurt Nichols Power Skating players will work toward mastering all skills on the KNPS teaching wheel.

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