About Kurt Nichols

Meet Kurt Nichols

Kurt got his start as a competitive figure skater training 5 to 6 hours a day, six days a week and would enjoy playing hockey in his free time. After graduating from Clarkson University, Kurt found himself in a rink working part time as a figure skating instructor and power skating coach for hockey players in NYC and the surrounding area. He created Kurt Nichols Power Skating in the early 2000s and quickly developed a following ranging from the Northeast to Michigan and as south as Texas.

Over the course of his 19 years as a coach, Kurt has developed a unique curriculum that combines the fluidity, balance and efficiency of figure skating with the speed and power of hockey. His firm but intense coaching style draws from a deep well of knowledge and experience and tailors each session to his individual player’s needs.

Kurt has served as the power skating coach for players and organisations in the NHL, AHL, NWHL, ECHL,College and Prep Schools as well as multiple youth programs including AAA and House organisations where he is always excited to share his knowledge and mastery of skating with others.

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