Fusion Online Classes

This is not your typical lead and follow online class. This is in your face, high tempo training with skating specific corrections and knowledge based learning.

KNPS Fusion is based upon the same quality coaching from Kurt Nichols Power Skating: technical corrections and knowledge-based learning that will guarantee improvement.

If you are ready to train at a higher level, we challenge you to get Fusion Strong!

We offer three types of Fusion online classes:

Full Throttle Dryland

Based on KNPS Full Throttle Power Skating curriculum

Uniquely complementary to on-ice training

Focus on:


Explosive power


Body awareness




Highly technical with meaningful reps

Emphasis on feeling the puck, keeping head up, and expanding comfort range

Systematic approach through progressions


Full Throttle Dryland highly recommended

Slide Board

Most popular class and effective training tool

Reinforces proper skating technique

Builds explosive power

Bolsters balance and coordination

Combines Full Throttle Dryland