Full Throttle Skating @ World Ice
July 10th - July 13th / 7pm to 8:20 pm / Ages 7 to 16

Full Throttle Skating @ World Ice

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World Ice Arena,

131-04 Meridian Rd, Flushing, NY 11368 


Tuesday: 7/11
Wednesday 7/12
Thursday: 7/13

Time:  7 pm to 8:20 pm

Open to:
Ages 7 to 16

Full Throttle Max Description:

The ultimate warrior classes!  Prepare to exit your comfort zone as we drill the fundamentals and challenge your skating skills.  The primary focus is on using edges to leverage explosive power, applying skating skills in game situations, and finally pushing up and polishing every player.  The secondary focus will be on stick handling, passing/shooting, and puck control.

This class will not only prepare you to better play the game, but you will come away a warrior.  Get ready to train at a higher level!

Major Skills Taught:

  • Forward Stride, Functional edge work, Explosive Power & More!
  • Body Position, Balance & Quickness
  • Backward Skating, Proper push and Body Mechanics 
  • Edge application and multi directional transitions
  • Linear Crossovers & Stops and Starts
  • 1st 3 steps
  • Puck Control and integrated hockey drills


  • 4 days of progressive hockey training
  • Intense AAA format on ice sessions
  • 7 to 1 Ratio // Limited to 21 players
  • Small training groups - players grouped by skill/age

Price:   $530